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Outlined below are a few of our past projects

Whangarei Courthouse Chillers Replacement Bank Street.

CLIENT: Ministry of Justice Property Department Wellington.

SCOPE OF WORK: To replace the two existing 20 year old chillers with new Trane chillers without losing cooling to the courts during business hours.

HISTORY: The chillers had started to fail on a regular basis as parts were no longer available. Airzone as the maintenance contractor had recommended the replacement of these chillers and the Ministry of Justice agreed subject to Airzone beingable to demonstrate our ability to undertake the project and ensure coolingwould be maintained during court sittings.

We submitted a program of work that was used by all relevant parties to track and communicate the critical stages to the project. Our plan and ability to implement the plan was approved and we were underway.

Planning, communication and risk management were the keys for a successful outcome.

An in-house team took ownership of the job with other staff used as required to achieve key milestones.

Additionally the Ministry of Justice took the opportunity to upgrade the Building Management System. BMS (the brain for the building HVAC)

All work that could be safely and efficiently done offsite was identified and carried out on timelines to interface at the relevant stages of the project.

This included structural stands, control panels, pipe work and other system components.

The first big milestone was to make one chiller redundant and remove from site. This was done on one weekend and the new prefabricated stand was craned into place with one of the new chillers mounted onto it.

Pipe work and wiring was then run to connect into the existing system with any” tie ins” to existing services done after hours.

This chiller was then commissioned and given two weeks in which to prove its reliability.

This it did and the next big milestone took place. The remaining old chiller was removed the new 2nd stand and chiller were mounted into place.

New power supplies were run from the main roadside transformer to accommodate the increased cooling capacity (equivalent cooling for 2000 domestic fridges)

The new chillers and associated pumps were connected into the new BMS and fully commissioned.

Kensington Hospital Theatre 3 HVAC Upgrade

CLIENT: Kensington Hospital

SCOPE OF WORK: Replace the air conditioning and control system over a long weekend.

HISTORY: The original system had reached the end of its economic life and with the increase in operations through this theatre, it was decided to upgrade the system on a design and build basis with Airzone Ltd.

So as to minimise the disruption to theatre schedules and potential lost business, the possibility of getting it done during a long weekend was evaluated and found to be a cost effective solution with the least disruption.

The due to the tight time frame and complex nature of the project, detailed programmes of work were done and communicated to all affected parties.

All existing components, controls and wiring were removed and new ones installed.

The new system was commissioned and independently certified on time.

New Zealand Refining Co. Auditorium and Canteen HVAC Upgrade

CLIENT: The New Zealand Refining Company.

SCOPE OF WORK:Replace the existing air conditioning systems (Steam and chilled water) with more energy efficient heat pump systems.

HISTORY: The existing system was reliant on steam from the main plant steam main. Due to the age of the pipe line to this area and the age of the equipment, NZRC elected to replace the system. Airzone Ltd was engaged on a design and build basis to install energy efficient systems.

Equipment loads on the roof had to be kept to a minimum so large split systems with free cooling dampers were installed.

Due to the large volume of people in the auditorium, particular attention was made to noise and capacity requirements for this space.

Separating the kitchen and dining areas into air conditioned and ventilated spaces has provided a large energy saving.

Due to hygiene and operational requirements, the changeover in the kitchen occurred during the Christmas shutdown and was changed over on time ready for the New Year.

New Zealand Refining Co. Laboratory Fumecupboard Upgrade

CLIENT: The New Zealand Refining Company.

SCOPE OF WORK: Replace the existing fumecupboards.

HISTORY: The existing fume cupboards were in need of upgrading to comply with new standards. A staged replacement was carried out that saw 18 fume cupboards replaced whilst the laboratory was in operation.

This required detailed co-ordination between trades,including plumbers, gasfitters, electricians, roofers and the laboratory staff.

A large number of safety precautions were implemented due to the hazardous environment and working at height requirements.

Kaitaia Hospital Renal Ward

CLIENT: Northland District Health Board.

SCOPE OF WORK: Design and build new air conditioning systems including a patient isolation room.

HISTORY: Due to the increase in patient numbers requiring treatment in the far north, a decision was made to create a dedicated Renal Ward at Kaitaia Hospital.

Airzone installed a package air conditioning unit to serve the main patient area and individual air conditioning and ventilation systems to serve other rooms.

Ventilation systems were installed to create two negative pressure isolation rooms. All systems are connected to the site BMS system to enable system and alarm monitoring.

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